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Wido belt boating

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  • Wido is a large island located 14 km away from Gyeokpo port of the Byeonsan peninsula, and the central work done there is fishing. Thus there was a local religious belief of praying to the wind and for plentiful fish, which lead to the creation of Ddaebaet play.
    Wido's Ddaebaet play is a preservation of Korea's decreasing traditional culture and also won a prize at the National Traditional Arts Competition (1978).
  • Ddaebaet play is being carried on in Dae-ri Town, which is 8 km away from Pajanggum and it located to the west of Wido. In Ddaebaet play, the town senior's committee choose the shaman, offerings, and other people to help the process. On the day of the religious service, four five-colored flags are set up in for corners and in the center an imprecator flag is put up. Traditional music is played and the shaman goes to the sacrificial site in the mountains and prays to each god in the house of seven gods.
    Meanwhile, other people cut ropes and braid them near the pier to make a boat 4m long. Then they set up a table full of food and pray to the dragon king. The offerings are given to the dragon king and a doll made of straw, which represents misfortune, is put in the boat. Traditional music is played gleefully while a mother ship with 5 flags takes the boat to the sea. Other ships follow behind, guarding the boat and the island people are sorrowful that the boat has left.
    The boat is taken about 2km on the sea, and the mother ship and following ships leave it there and head back home. The boat, placed in the middle of the ocean, disappears with the sea waves and all the people of the island come out and spend the entire night feasting.

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